Gould Classic 6000 - 100 MS/s - 200 MHz


Classic 6000
Incorporating TruTrace - a patented data compression technique - Classic 6000 offers fine, analog like waveform detail with the power and flexibility of a digital storage oscilloscope. Analyzing noisy signals, complex waveforms, transients, TV lines - Classic 6000 takes them all in its stride.

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Key Features & Options

    TruTrace® Analog Display
    Advanced Triggering
    Puls width Triggering
    8 bit resolution
    200 MHz Bandwidth
    5 GS/s Sample Rate   
    50k Memory
    Full Color Display
    4 Low Noise Input Channels
    200,000 Words-per-channel
    Disks and RAM Mass Storage
    Live Waveform Processing
    Internal Thermal Plotter
    Extensive Measurements and Analysis
    User Defined Test Sequences
    Programmable, IEEE-488.2 and RS-423