Gould Datasys 765 DRO 100MS/s - 150 MHz


DataSYS 765 DRO

Unique combination of a high performance oscilloscope and data acquisition to capture high speed transients and long term records.

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Key Features & Options

  • ½ Gigabyte Memory
  • Days of Recording with 10 ns Glitch Capture
  • Continuous records - no missing data, no dead time
  • Comprehensive Custom Measurements and Live Analysis
  • Event markers to Paper or Disk
  • 100 MS/s Sample Rate
  • 150 MHz Bandwidth
  • Advanced Triggering
  • Thermal Recorder

Adding a new dimension to the capabilities of the DataSYS family, the Gould DataSYS 765 Direct Recording Oscilloscope (DRO) incorporates a half-gigabyte hard disk drive

This unique instrument can be used for the continuous recording of data direct to disk at speeds of up to 250 kbyte/sec, with no loss of data due to the 'dead time' between acquisition sweeps.

Recordings can also be made directly to paper using the built-in thermal writer, or recalled from the disk to paper when hard copies are required. The 765 can also function as a digital storage oscilloscope with 150 MHz bandwidth for repetitive signals and 100 MS/s (megasamples per second) single-shot acquisition on all four channels.

The combination of long memory and high speed makes the DataSYS 765 DRO equally suitable for capturing high-speed events or for detecting signal changes over very long periods.

The storage capacity of the hard disk means that records can be made for periods of days, with the instrument still retaining its ability to capture glitches down to 10 ns.

The DataSYS 765 DRO can record data direct to paper at speeds of up to 200 ms/div. Every record is fully annotated, and each waveform is labeled with the trace number and scaling.