Gould Instrument Systems, Inc develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of electronic instrumentation products including digital storage oscilloscopes, digital oscillographic recording instruments, data acquisition systems, and signal conditioners. GIS products address specific applications from mainstream electronics testing to monitoring electro-mechanical parameters in a variety of industries as well as in medical and pharmaceutical research.

     Gould's reputation is founded on more than 60 years of industry leadership and expertise. In 1937, Gould developed the first portable electrocardiogram monitor. Since then, Gould has established a number of firsts: Gould was the first company to offer pressurized ink recorders; first with rectilinear recording technology; first with thermal array recording; and one of the pioneers of digital storage oscilloscopes. Gould recorders monitored the first US satellite to reach the moon, and they were also used in the first artificial heart research, including monitoring the first human recipient.

     Gould Instrument Systems has manufacturing plants in the United States and the United Kingdom, in addition to a worldwide network of sales offices, distributors and service departments. Gould's plant in Cleveland, OH has ISO9001 accreditation for the design and manufacture of its recording systems. Gould's United Kingdom plant at Hainault, Essex, has accreditation to BS5750, Part 1 (ISO9001) for the design and manufacture of its digital storage oscilloscopes.

     Gould is committed to providing cost-effective, accurate, reliable instrumentation demanded by worldwide markets. In addition to offering traditional recording and oscilloscope instruments, Gould's new generation of test instruments combine the power of data acquisition with the simplicity of a standard recorder.