Gould DSO 500 - 200MS/s - 200 MHz


DSO 500

Low cost, general purpose DSO offering the advantage of a full color display on a 2 channel instrument. Built-in 4 color plotter and comprehensive waveform and measurement analysis make the 500 a powerful unit for a range of field and laboratory

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Key Features & Options

  • Color Display
  • 200 MHz Bandwidth
  • 2 GS/s for Repetitive Waveforms
  • Built-in 4 Color Plotter
  • Persistence Mode
  • X-Y Display
  • Glitch Capture
  • Battery Option
  • Lightweight and Portable

DSO 500 gets to the heart of the matter

Gould's 500 DSO, enhanced with Transition 2 software, has provided an elegant solution for a medical college which needed to monitor medical signals and show them to a class full of students.

The requirement was to monitor an ECG signal and display it alongside the signal from a heart sound transducer. The signals would then be shown to the class so that difterent heart sounds could be identified in relationship to the QRS waveform.

The solution was to connect the ECG lead (already conditioned) to Channel 1 of the DSO and the heart sound transducer to Channel 2. The timebase was then set so that one complete QRS waveform would be displayed across a 15-inch VGA monitor connected to the 500's video output.

This timebase setting also provided an appropriate sample rate for the audio signal, so that introducing a post-systolic murmur showed the audio signal perfectly in line with the correct portion of the QRS waveform.

The 500's ability to display waveforms in different colors greatly added to the understanding of the relationships between the different signals.

The college's educational services department has video projectors which work direct from a PC's VGA video board. Gould's Transition software is used to transfer the signals to a PC, so that they can then be shown on the projectors to student classes.