A Dedicated History in Oscilloscope Design and Manufacture

Gould's broad range of Digital Storage and Recording Oscilloscopes (DSOs and DROs) is supported by sixty years of application experience and industry leadership.

The result of Gould's latest new product development effort is a wide range of instruments which are sophisticated and powerful, yet easy to operate. Through the use of surface mount technology and digital signal processing, coupled with advanced display and user interface techniques, Gould has designed new products capable of providing not just data, but solutions through acquisition, real time hard copy and comprehensive analysis capabilities. The benefits to users are instruments designed to provide more accurate, meaningful test results and which help make more efficient use of test resources.

Updated 17 March 1998

Since introducing the first Digital Storage Oscilloscope, the OS 4000 (10 MHz bandwidth, 1.8 MS/s Sample Rate, 1 k memory) in 1974, Gould has continued to pioneer developments in this field.